Academic Development

The McCoy College Student Success Center supports the academic engagement of students through events, workshops, and partnerships with campus resources. 

Success Coaching

Success Coaching promotes academic excellence by helping students enhance the skills needed to succeed academically. Our Coaches are enthusiastic, caring, and non-judgmental graduate students who will help you to stay accountable with your goals!

three success coaches at the water fountain in front of Commons Dining Hall
Students working together

Pre-Business Majors

Are you a Pre-Business Major? McCoy provides info sessions at the beginning of the semester to support students as they seek admission into the college. Want to learn more about the requirements? Click the button below. 

Transfer Students

The McCoy College Student Success Center is committed to the success and transition of our transfer students. Join us fo rour transfer initiatves we have within the college. 

Students sitting at a desk in class
texas state branded notebook on a student desk

Find Resources

Bobcats Bounce Back's Resource Menu has created a tool that makes finding the right resource much simpler. This list of on- and off-campus resources can be filtered by your need or goal and will provide an overview of what to expect from and how to use each listed resource.